Strain Differences

In general the effect of your kratom strain depends on the dosage. A low dose gives you an energy boost, whereas a high dose has a more sedative effect. For this reason it is best to start taking small amounts until you find the amount and strains that are best for you. Your body builds immunity to kratom when you use it regularly.  If you use the same strain every day, your brains receptors will adapt, the effect will weaken and you'll need larger and larger doses. By alternating the various strains each day you'll keep the receptors in your brain fresh and maintain the effect. This is especially important if you're taking kratom for medicinal purposes like pain relief as it's analgesic benefits will otherwise be reduced over time. One way to rotate strains is by taking a predominantly sedating strain one day and a stimulating one the next day. Your experience with kratom can vary. To get the most out of your plants do your own safe experimenting with the different strains and vein colors, and record your results. If something isn't working,  then try something else until you find what does. This way you'll see what strains and vein colors work best for you.

Indo Kratom- has been grown in Indonesia for thousands of years. As a result, Indo kratom is one of the top kratom strains you can get. Though much depends on the time of the year, maturity of the plant, and vein color. Indo kratom has been used for pain relief,  reduce opiate withdrawal,  relaxation,  sedation,  and mood lifting. Indo kratom has significantly higher concentrations of 7-OH-mitragynine and lower concentrations of mitragynine than many other strains making it relaxing and mood boosting though not as stimulating as other strains. Because of this,  it's also recommended for relief from anxiety. Due to the thick cell walls and unique alkaloid profile Green Malay last longer than the other strains.

Green Malay- Malaysian kratom gives a smoother and more balanced energy boost, unlike energy booting strains. Green Malay has been known to give you increased focus and patience, making it good for workers.

Rifat- Rifat kratom is said to have a very high alkaloid content and some growers feel that Rifat strains are hardier and easier to grow than other strains.

Bubblebee- Bubblebee strains are highly prized by collectors because of the high alkaloid content and are harder to root than other varieties. Bubblebee strains have smaller and more numerous than those of the Rifat strains.

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